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The Home Appliance industry is always expanding to new technology, new brands, and new products. We are a 20+ year-old company and have been actively involved in the designing, printing, and manufacturing of packaging boxes for a wide variety of Home Appliance Items or products. Our packaging is a very suitable choice for this industry because it is very durable and can handle the weight of the product, our designs are unique, and it is very safe for your product as well while traveling. We also print and manufacture various other Packaging, and Promotional Items used in the Home Appliance Industry. Apart from this, we also recommend what the packaging, design, color combination of packaging, and strength of the box should be according to the product in question. We tailor all our products exactly to your needs. All of these things are well taken care of so that our clients can get the best benefit from their experience with us.

Some of our items are as follows:-

  • All Packing Box for Home Appliances
  • JMG Packaging Box
  • Gyser Packaging Box
  • Heater Packaging Box
  • Ceiling Fan Packaging Box
  • Table Fan Packaging Box
  • LPG Gas Stove Packaging Box
  • Stabilizer Packaging Box
  • Warranty Card, Catelogue,
  • Writing Pad, Calendar
  • Poster, Stickers
  • Standy, Canopy, Promotional Table
  • and many more …
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For Brand awareness Promotional items are very important they play a very important role in Business Promotion especially if you are from the Home Appliances/Electronic Industry. We have an in-house manufacturing unit for all types of Promotional items. We are Printing and Manufacturing all types of Promotional Items that meet your Branding Expectation. To place order for your promotional items visit Contact US.